“TONY COUPER” undertakes the obligation to inform users of any amendments or any other changes on the appropriate page of the e-shop website. “TONY COUPER” reserves the right to update or unilaterally amend the present terms and conditions of the transactions made via the e-shop, in accordance with its needs and commonly accepted commercial practices.

Changes to terms and conditions do not apply to orders which are already in progress.



“TONY COUPER” is fully committed to the provision of complete and accurate information relating to products available for sale. You can normally access detailed information about each item by following the website search instructions and “clicking” on the respective products, subject to any typographical errors that have escaped our attention or occur without intent, or are due to website downtime for technical or other reasons.

For all products listed in the online store there are indications showing current availability. In all cases it should be made clear that the delivery time of your order is subject to the availability of items at our warehouse. If the item is not available there will be prompt notification of non-availability.



The online store www.blackriver.gr and all of the content of its web pages (photos, text, graphics, services, products, names, images, logos and trademarks that represent “TONY COUPER” and its online shop) are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek law. As such, any use of the aforementioned content is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of “TONY COUPER”.



On the www.tonycouper.com website you will find step by step information about the process you must follow to complete your order. You will be given helpful advice on identifying and correcting potential errors when placing your order (e.g. selection of the type, quantity, payment terms etc.).

Upon completion of your order we will send you e-mail confirmation, which will be followed by a subsequent e-mail informing you about shipment.



“TONY COUPER” and the online store www.blackriver.gr enables users to choose to receive regular or occasional information about new products which become available, as well as other special offers, payment arrangements etc., through promotional and informational messages to their email addresses.

www.tonycouper.gr will not make excessive use of this service. Should you wish to stop receiving informative newsletters or wish to unsubscribe from the TONY COUPER news delivery system completely, you can notify us using the contact form on the online store website.

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